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Including legal health and safety updates, the Health and Safety Handbook, the Health and Safety Toolkit CD, access to the 24/7 expert advice helpdesk, five bonus reports and the daily Health and Safety Bulletin newsletter.

In the last six months, the COID Act, Construction Regulations and Smoking laws have changed. And I need to make sure I implement the changes correctly, so I don’t make mistakes and cost my company money or receive additional fines from the DoL.

To save on fines and penalties, please rush me my Health & Safety Advisor Handbook. It includes:

Over 500 pages of definitions, legal regulations and useful advice that will guide me through all the health and safety laws and regulations.

26 Construction Regulation Checklists to ensure I’m complying with all the laws;

41 Sample appointment letters and forms I need to kick start my SHE File;

All the templates, forms, checklists and inspection sheets I’ll ever need to ensure I’m ready for any DoL inspection and remain 100% compliant with the OHS Act .

The Health and Safety Advisor Handbook is a full service health and safety consultancy I will use every day!


And that’s just the start

Get 4 Bonus Gifts and Services

(Worth R1 949 – Yours Absolutely free)

I’ll also receive FOUR Bonus Gifts and Services to save me money and make my job even easier.

These include:

Bonus Service #1: Health and safety legal updating service
Health and safety law changes are gazetted throughout the year. The updating subscription guarantees that my handbook is always 100% up-to-date. I’ll simply remove the outdated pages and replace them with the new ones. It’s always up-to-date and accurate! The cost of each updating issue varies depending on the number of pages it contains.

Bonus Toolkit #2: Health and Safety Toolkit CD
I’ll get free copies of the OHS Act and COID Act on my Health and Safety Toolkit CD. Plus it includes 63 templates, checklists and appointment letters that I can use immediately in my business. (valued at R499)

Bonus Service #3: Free expert advice to solve my Health and Safety problems
I have access to a personalised Health and Safety Helpdesk service where a team of health and safety experts are available 24/7 to answer my specific questions. I simply log onto the and ask my specific health and safety question using the “Health and Safety Helpdesk” button. And Voila! One of the experts will assist me with a personalised answer. (valued at R1 000)

Bonus Service #4: Daily health and safety tips and advice straight to my inbox
Every day I’ll get the Health and Safety Bulletin email newsletter. It’s packed with useful tips, reminders and expert advice to solve my daily health and safety problems. (valued at R450)

Health & Safety package


But that’s not all I’ll get in my package…

Get 5 Additional Bonus Gifts
(Valued at R495 – Yours absolutely free)

To welcome me as the newest subscriber, I’ll get instant health and safety tips, with these FREE five bonus reports:
7 Health and Safety Strategies (valued at R99)
20 Essential Health and Safety Tips (valued at R99)
Personal Protective Equipment (valued at R99)
Risk Assessments (valued at R99)
Your health and safety budget guide (valued at R99)

5 free reports

A Total Value of R3 139
But you receive everything at a massive discount when you sign up now to the Health and Safety Advisor Handbook

Despite the fact that the Health and Safety Advisor Handbook is developed by health and safety experts and will save me thousands in penalties and COID claims, I don’t have to pay a high-end price.

The full subscription is only R3 139 a year…. which is a pittance, compared to the savings I’ll make within a few months.

And here’s the great news!

Today, I can secure my full subscription for as little as R995 excl Vat and delivery - a R2 145 saving.

And, I can still decide if the subscription is right for me, because…

EVERYTHING is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
30 day money back guarantee

If at any time during the next 30 days, for any reason whatsoever, I decide the Health and Safety Advisor Handbook isn’t for me, I will simply call or email you. I will be refunded every cent of the subscription price.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

No pressure – no gimmicks – no strings attached.

Important notice: The above handbook pricing is for the main volume contents only. The handbook comes with a convenient updating service to keep on top of updated legislation and new information. The cost of each updating issue varies depending on the number of pages it contains.  

A Total Value of R3 139!

But you Receive Everything at a Massive Discount

 and Only Pay R995

The 500 page Health and Safety handbook (valued at R695)
Report #2: Health and Safety Toolkit CD (valued at R499)
Service #3: Free expert advice to solve your health and safety problems (valued at R1 000)
Service #4: Daily Health and Safety solutions straight to your inbox (valued at R450)
Bonus Gift 1: 20 Essential Health and Safety Tips (valued at R99)
Bonus Gift 2: 7 Health and Safety Strategies (valued at R99)
Bonus Gift 3: How to manage your PPE (valued at R99)
Bonus Gift 4: Risk Assessments (valued at R99)
Bonus Gift 5: Your guide to Health and Safety Budgets (valued at R99)


Total package worth R3 139. You only pay R995 (excl vat and delivery). Save R2 145.      

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